Valve changes economy in latest CS:GO update, adds Drone Pilot to Danger Zone

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  Valve released a new update to CS:GO today, which caps the round-loss bonus at five and introduces a few features to Danger Zone, the game’s battle royale mode.

  The update also added an event schedule to the CS:GO watch tab and a new button called “Looking to Play,” that allows solo players to advertise they are looking to play in party lobbies.

  Valve has capped the round-loss bonus at five, meaning if a team is sitting on a maximum-loss bonus ($3,400) and they win a round, it will always step down to $2,900, so they can’t get an easy buy if they lose the round after.

  The change should correct the game economy since, in the previous iteration, the team with a losing streak was gathering a lot of money and ended up controlling the economy after winning a couple of rounds.

  Valve is still trying to boost their battle royale mode. They have added a new item, the Drone Pilot. Now players can buy it with the tablet and use it to spy enemies, scout for resources, and carry items through the map.

  The update also corrects a bug related to the taser. Now, it will always open a crate. Before the patch, some tasers were only doing partial damage.

  You can keep track of the upcoming tournaments in-game since Valve has introduced a schedule of professional LAN events in the watch tab. They are using the events listed by the website HLTV.

  Valve also wants to stimulate party lobbies in CS:GO. Now a player can advertise that they want join in-game lobbies by clicking the new button named “Looking to Play” and even accept party invites from the CS:GO main menu.

  The full patch notes are available on the CS:GO website.